Why Choose Special Investigations Group

Private Investigators have been glamorized in various television shows such as Magnum PI, Manix, Cannon and Simon & Simon. However the most famous private investigator of all was likely Paul Drake. Paul Drake was the private investigator for Perry Mason in the series of murder mystery novels. Drake was the friend and right hand man to Perry Mason, a highly successful criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles. That however, was television.

Today private investigators take on a different roll. With the modern era comes modern technology, such as computers, digital photograph and diagramming.

No prosecutor would go to trial without the benefit of having an investigative report prepared by an investigator, whether the investigator be a patrol officer or specialized investigator.

Why would a defense attorney go to trial or attempt to resolve a case without the benefit of having an investigative report prepared by a defense investigator?

Law Enforcement officers gather inculpatory evidence in order to convict the accused. Most often they select a theory then gather information to support their theory. Sometimes their’s no investigation done, just an accusation made.

Defense investigators gather exculpatory evidence in order to assist defense attorneys with preparing for a proper defense.

Evidence can be physical or circumstantial. Though law enforcement gather both, private investigators almost always gather circumstantial evidence.

Are witnesses credible? Are they accurate? Private investigators interview witnesses, prepare diagrams, take photographs and videos, work with experts and conduct background investigations on potential witnesses in order to establish the witnesses character and credibility.

When convicted of a crime there are various consequences other than incarceration such as drivers license restrictions, life time sex offender registration, narcotics offender registration, gang member registration along with enhancements for committing a crime while being a gang member or being armed while in the commission of certain offenses.

For the best possible resolution a defendant should have the benefit of having their case investigated by an experienced licensed private investigator. If a criminal defense attorney does not have an experienced investigator they use on a regular basis such as Perry Mason had Paul Drake then you should question that attorney’s ability.