JD Nannery

JD Nannery
Licensed Private Investigator

Phone: 707.421.0388
Fax: 707.421.2872

E-Mail: jd@specialinvestigationsgroup.net


Prior to joining the team at Special Investigations Group, J.D. served 22 years of honorable service in the United States Armed Forces, serving in both active duty and reserve components as an Infantry Squad Leader and Military Police Officer; as well as a Federal Police Officer with the Department of the Army. He has performed countless interviews and investigations into all types of criminal activity involving the U.S. Federal Government, both criminal and civil in nature. He is also skilled in conducting detailed facility risk assessments and conducting multi-layered security operations, specializing in maritime and critical infrastructure facilities.

J.D. is a registered and bonded process server, a certified firearms subject matter expert, and can provide executive protection services incidental to ongoing investigations.


  • 2012: Use of Force Instructor/NLTA, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center GA
  • 2012: Maritime Tactical Operations, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center SC
  • 2012: US Army Civilian Police Academy, United States Army Military Police School
  • 2011: Patrol Rifle Instructor, NRA Law Enforcement Division
  • 2011: CA POST Patrol Rifle Operator, SF State University Police Department
  • 2011: Terrorism Liaison Officer - Northern California Regional Intelligence Center
  • 2011: Rapid Response to Active Shooter, Department of the Army
  • 2011: Anti-Terrorism Intelligence Awareness Training, Dept of Homeland Security
  • 2011: Drug Enforcement for Patrol, Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department
  • 2010: Terrorism Liaison Officer - Basic, N California Regional Intelligence Center
  • 2010: Chemical-Terrorism Vulnerability, Dept of Homeland Security
  • 2010: Chemical Security Awareness, Dept of Homeland Security
  • 2010: Low-Light Operator/Trainer, SureFire Institute
  • 2010: Anti-Terrorism Concepts for Patrol Personnel, CA Department of Justice
  • 2010: Glock Armorer
  • 2010: Handgun Instructor, NRA Law Enforcement Division
  • 2010: Range Safety Officer, National Rifle Association
  • 2010: Military Police School, United States Army Military Police School
  • 2009: Facility Security Officer, United States Coast Guard
  • 2009: Maritime Security Awareness, United States Coast Guard
  • 2003: POST Emergency Vehicle Operator Course, San Bernardino Valley College
  • 2003: CA POST Basic Law Enforcement Academy, San Bernardino Valley College
  • 2001: Range Safety Officer, United States Marine Corps
  • 2000: Breathalyzer Training, San Bernardino County Sheriff
  • 2000: Drug Influence Recognition, San Bernardino County Sheriff


  • 2015 - Present: Investigator, Special Investigations Group
  • 2010 - Present: Owner/Firearms Instructor, Invictus Defense & Strategic Services
  • 2010 - 2013: Police Officer, Department of the Army
  • 2001 - 2014: Military Police Officer, California Army National Guard
  • 2003 - 2005: Infantry Squad Leader - Iraq, California Army National Guard
  • 1993 - 2001: Military Police Officer/Infantry Team Leader, United States Marine Corps


  • Firearms Training Facility, Bureau of Security and Investigative Services
  • Firearms Instructor, Bureau of Security and Investigation Services
  • Firearms Instructor, CA Department of Justice
  • Patrol Rifle Instructor, NRA Law Enforcement Division
  • Handgun Instructor, NRA Law Enforcement Division
  • Low-Light Operator/Trainer, Surefire Institute
  • Glock Armorer